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  • A Few Days Off in May
    Our Leamington print & frame shop will be closed for a few days from Tuesday 10th May through to Monday 16th (2022). It’s only for a few days – due to staff holidays.
  • Seasons’ Greetings!
    This year We’ll be open until around midday on Friday 24th December. The shop will be open again on Tuesday 4th of January, 2022.
  • Closed For a Day on 20th Nov
    Temporarily closed on Saturday 20th November. We’ll be open again on Tuesday 23rd November.
  • Closed For a Few Days
    The Leamington shop will be closed for a few days in July. We’ll close on Friday 9th July and we’ll be back open again on Tuesday 20th July. We will …
  • We’ll Re-Open on the 13th April 2021
    Our Leamington shop will re-open on the 13th of April 201. We’re taking bookings for appointments now. Bring on the summer!
  • Leamington Shop Re-Opening April 2021
    Feb/March Lock-down 2021: The current plan is to re-open our Leamington shop on the 13th April 2021… fingers crossed.
  • January 2021 Lock Down Service
    Because of the the January 2021 lockdown, we have to suspend our curbside pick-up & drop-off service until the government advice changes.
  • Jan 2021 – Open for Pick-Up & Drop Off
    We open again on the 5th January 2021 for pick-up and drop-off appointments only. All consultancy will be done remotely for now.
  • Gift Cards Now Available
    Stuck for a gift idea for someone creative? We’ve started selling gift cards! Use them on our website, or in our Leamington shop.
  • Out of Lock Down and Prepping for Christmas 2020
    After lock-down 2.0, on the 2nd of December 2020, we’ll be reopening our Leamington shop for business as usual via COVID-Safe appointments.